Transforming Garbage To A Collage Frame Tips

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Ever made a collage frame out of rubbish from the garbage? Showcasing those photos of family and friends will be a cinch with this type of frame that holds 5-6 pictures. Or, it could be a nice present to friends who are forever taking pictures of their kids and cant seem to discard them (the pictures that is) so they become clutter of some sort.

What you need is an old card board box (like a large takeaway box), nice extra fabric you have lying around like denim or unused wall paper or wrapper, a marker, a round or oval solid item to trace with, a pair of scissors, some needle and thread in the shade you want, and lastly some tape and glue.

First, prepare the empty cardboard by making sure its clean. Trace the oval or circular shape item you have right on the box making 5 or 6 tracings. Take out your scissors and cut the tracings out.

Second, make a cut out from the fabric you have prepared. These cut outs must be one inch larger than the box cut out and cut some out for the border around the box. Do another cut out for the other side of the box too.

Third, figure which one is the back side and then glue the fabric on it first. Glue fabric on the side of the cardboard box as well, tidying up and trimming the excess. Be sure to leave an end open and providing spare fabric at the same time.

Fourth, take the fabric again for the front side and glue it while cutting right on the inside of the cardboard cutout a half inch in. Tuck the fabric in and make a cut to fit it in the hole. Again, leave an end open with some spare fabric for covering shortly.

Fifth, make a small cut for flap around one inch square at the back to have something to place the tack and hang it later on the wall.

Sixth, take out the photos you want to display and place them appropriately in the holes and taping them securely.

Seventh, you have two ends open, so sew them up together and cut off any spare left. Viola! A nice collage frame is done.

Youll gain plenty of experience as you go along making one so experiment and be bold and no picture of yours will ever look boring or dreary.
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Transforming Garbage To A Collage Frame Tips

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This article was published on 2011/01/26