A Brief Discussion On The Versatility Of Polyester Fabrics

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Polyester is one of the most popular synthetic fibres used today to manufacture a number of things in textile industries and other sectors. It is used is various forms for different purposes like in making bottles, garments, insulating material and many more. The versatility found in the polyester fabrics makes them highly demanded material in a number of industries. Polyester is the long chain of several ester units which are linked by condensation polymerization reaction that takes place between alcohol and carboxylic acids. The nature of polyester fabrics divide them into two categories thermoplastic and thermoset.

Properties of polyesters make them highly demanded in the market and therefore, it is very important for any buyer to first find about these properties of polyester before actually purchasing them.
Polyester is known for its good strength and hence, the products made from it are durable and last for long.
It is highly resistant to various biological agents like mildew, molds etc. and to different chemicals.
One very interesting property is that dirt can't penetrate in the fabric and hence, the clothing line made from this fabric is easy to clean. This is the reason why items made from it are used widely at homes. Pillows, carpets, curtains etc. are some of the furnishing items which are highly popular if made using polyester fabrics.
The hydrophobic nature of the fabric make it suitable to be used in damp and wet environment. It tends to repel water when the liquid comes in contact with it. It means that not only polyester fabrics repel small spills but also dry very quickly. The fabric is also very easy to wash and hence, is used on a large scale for constructing durable and strong outerwear. This property also makes it suitable for lining rain coats and hats.
Polyester fabric is silky and very smooth to touch and hence it was very popular in early 70s. Most of the disco clothing of that era was made using silky Polyester India.
It is also used in making sleeping bags, winter dry suits and climbing suits due to its durability and high strength. The insulating quality of the polyester fabrics does not allow the leakage of the warmer air but keep it trapped inside to keep the wearer warmer in colder areas.
But the most important thing which every wearer must remember is that these clothing items are highly inflammable and care must be taken if worn as garments.
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A Brief Discussion On The Versatility Of Polyester Fabrics

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A Brief Discussion On The Versatility Of Polyester Fabrics

This article was published on 2013/05/16